"THEre is no END"

New project for 2022 : research & development, and production, self-publication & distribution of a series of printed multiples combining drawings and 'slogornes', manifestos and (maga)zines.

(Funded by Creative Scotland)

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Fotofiber, Robert Mann Gallery, New York

November 2021-January 2022

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June 2022 : Twa has been selected for the Women Playwrights International Conference in Montreal

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Twa Edinburgh Fringe

September 2021 : Creation of a "hidden door" in the Traquair Maze + exhibition of drawings

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WASPS Summer Artists&Makers Market

at the Briggait in Glasgow

10am-5pm Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th September


Drawings in the online political arts publication 'the MASS', August 2021 "Absurd" edition

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2020 : Learning to printmake at Edinburgh Printmakers thanks to a Royal Scottish Academy Residency Bursary and an Edinburgh Council Emerging Artist Bursary

Spilt Milk members show 2019 at St Margaret's House

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19th September 2019 : artist crit at Rhubaba Studios and Gallery

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24th and 25th of May 2019 :  

Twa at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh


30th November to 2nd December 2018 :  Edinburgh Multilingual Stories Festival at Assembly Roxy - exhibition Langue Etrange(re)

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12th-27th August 2018:  TWA, at the Scottish Storytelling Centre on the Royal Mile, Edinburgh

A theatrical production with animated and live drawing, in collaboration with writer and theatre-maker Annie George.

Twa Edinburgh Fringe

6th-24th April 2018 : exhibition (with)Drawing(with) at the Patriothall Gallery (front), Edinburgh

Opening hours: Wednesday-Sunday 12-5pm

Private view/opening : Friday 6th April 18h30-20h30 (joint opening with Linda Kosciewicz)

(with)Drawing(with) proposes two aspects of my drawing practice: a selection of about 100 drawings on paper, and a large collective/collaborative drawing made live during the exhibition period.

The drawings on paper, presented in narrative clusters, stem from the artist’s daily drawing activity, a multi-referenced mix of bits and pieces of bodies gone wrong. 

My most recent research concerns a form of long-durational performance-drawing through an intense drawing ritual during which I (with)draw for several hours per day in a machine-like semi-automatic doodle-producing state of reverie.

During the three-week exhibition period I will be creating one such performance-drawing, using only ballpoint pen to make a linear translation of the drawings on paper.

Visitors/other artists are invited to participate at any time by choosing any point on the line and adding their own drawn snippets.  A visual conversation is created as I react to what has been drawn by visitors, creating connections in all directions. The resulting work will be a collaborative drawing, a kind of elaborate multi-handed “exquisite corpse” : a shared drawing.

October 2017 : 5-day performance-wall-drawing for Bonkers Contemporary 2017 at the Biscuit Factory, Edinburgh

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May 2016 : installation of M(ob)ile for the Hidden Door Festival 2016, Edinburgh

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